OTI Greentech is a provider of  eco-friendly products and solutions for the cleaning of containers, tanks and marine vessels including ocean-going tankers, barges, road tankers, isotainers, intermediate bulk containers and static land-based tanks.

Our patented ECOSOLUT products effectively remove contaminants from metal and coated surfaces while minimizing waste water generated in the process. Examples of cargoes cleaned are vegetable oils, clean petroleum products, pet-coke, crude oil and chemicals.

For land-based applications, we have partnered with KMI Cleaning Solutions, Inc. of Battle Creek, Michigan, working with customers that clean road tankes, isotainers and returnable intermediate bulk containers. Typical cleans include Latex and resign coatings, drilling additives, inorganic slurries, oily waste and chemicals.

Our ECOSOLUT technology has also potential for application in a wide variety of enhanced oil recovery and oil waste Management applications.



OTI Greentech´s products are currently distributed exclusively via our sister Group-company, Uniservice Unisafe S.r.l., one of the world’s largest providers of chemicals to the global shipping industry, with access to customers and stocking facilities world-wide.

Our products are currently stocked in major ports around the world, including Rotterdam, Houston, Ulsan (South Korea), Sharjah (UAE) and Singapore.


OTI Greentech utilizes the production facilities of Uniservice Unisafe S.r.l. in Genoa, Italy to produce the ECOSOLUT product range. Additional production facilities in the USA are located in Houston, Texas and Battle Creek, Michigan.